Friday, April 27, 2012


Every runner knows the day is coming when his/her favorite security blanket, aka. shoe, is going to change!! I see it all the time, and get to hear it from MANY when it happens! “Why do they change?, What are they thinking?, I’ll never wear that brand again!” I could just respond, “Stuff Happens!”, but that’s not nice, or really the truth! These running brands spend a ton of doe on research and product development, and when they come up with something new, they want it  on display in their best shoes! Basically, EVOLVE or become EXTINCT!

Why am I making a big stink about a shoe changing? Well, our best selling shoe for the better part of 17 years (by better part, I mean all) the Asics GT-2100 series (currently the 2170) is changing!! I know what some of you 2170 wearers are thinking, it’s changed every time the number changes, but that’s not really the case. This series of shoe has been Asics’ most popular for a LONG time as well, and about 6 years ago, they decided to only make very minimal, mostly cosmetic, changes to the shoe to not lose that loyal fan base, but as ole Bob said, “The times, they are a-changin’”.

OK, so what’s happening to the shoe? First, Asics is beefing up the cushioning with the largest Gel system ever in the GT-2000 series. This will obviously help lessen the vibrations and pressures that travel from the asphalt and cement up your legs, and will add to the price a bit. Remember, the more Gel you see, the more cushioned and durable the shoe will be! We’re still recommending 400 to 500 miles on the shoes, but with an improved cushioning system, the shoe will protect you better toward the end of it’s life.

To add to the larger Gel units, the GT-2000 will feature a dual layered midsole. You may have already seen this in some shoes like the Gel Kayano and the Neo33. The top layer, basically right underneath you feet, is made of Asics Solyte material, which is a lightweight foam, and the bottom layer is Asics standard EVA. By layering the midsole, Asics has improved the comfort of the shoe and can adjust the density to be more gender specific. That’s right, guys’ and girls’ feet differ! Who knew?!

You’ll also see less stitching in the upper, a more “minimal” drop from heel to toe (10 mm for those geeks out there), Dynamic Duomax, a few racier color options and a restructured collar, but I feel like I’ve gotten to “techy”! Allow me to mention what I believe to be the most important aspect of the new GT-2000. What didn’t change! The same great fit from the same great brand! As the title of the blog suggests, NO NEED TO PANIC! All you Asics wearers can confidently purchase this shoe from all of our locations in October!

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