Monday, May 14, 2012

Weapons of Choice!

Well, the week of the Dixie 200 Relay is upon us!! My training didn’t go as well as I would have liked. I got in quite a few long runs and was very consistent, probably averaging around 40 miles a week over the past 4 to 5 weeks, but I didn’t get in as many of those tempo runs. I’m hoping the team and race dynamic will motivate the old legs to turn over quickly!  All of that being said, I’M STILL RUNNING AND ALMOST NOTHING HURTS! I’ve had a lot of fun training, and possibly the most fun choosing my wardrobe and accessories aka. “Weapons of Choice”! We all do it! You’ve got your favorite shirt, socks, shorts, hat, glasses, and GU and if any are forgotten on race day, it’s bad news! Here’s what I’ve tested and decided to wear!

Flow Ride 

First things first, “It’s gotta be the shoes!!” I’m not ready to make the big jump to all out flats yet, so the next best thing, really light trainers! I’m wearing the Karhu Flow_Fulcrum Ride! Why? First, it’s still considered a lightweight trainer with it’s 7 mm drop from heel to toe, so hopefully it’ll go easy on the calves! Second, I liked the color names! One of the LEAST important factors when deciding which shoe to buy is color, but I had to get a shoe to race in with the colors Formula One and Scream! 

CEP Compression Sock

We’re working our way from feet up! I will run every inch in my compression socks from CEP! I’ll admit, I wasn’t a true believer in compression socks until I wore a pair all weekend at the Mercedes Expo two years ago. I woke up to run on Sunday morning and my legs were no where near as fatigued as previous years! It made that half marathon a LOT easier! There’s not a whole lot of research on compression and performance enhancing, but if there’s a chance, I’ve got to give it a try! Oh yeah, the other reason I’m a true believer in compression now, I’ve worn these socks a lot during this stretch of training for the Dixie 200, and my calves and shins feel great, and as all TWO of you who read this blog know, my calves and shins have not been my friends in recent years!  

Tempo Short

The shorts get longer and longer the older I get, but hey, this is racin’, so I’m going to pull out some Nike Tempo shorts! Why? Non Cotton liner + non cotton material + less material = less moisture & less chafing! I do have a split pair, but I’m not ready for the splits on the side yet either!


We have to wear something visible the entire race! Well, that works well for me considering over half my running wardrobe contains Trak Shak logo stuff on very bright shirts! I’m going singlet since it could be warm. Pictured above is the 2011 Retro Run shirt, which is a Brooks Podium Singlet in their popular “Nightlife” color. FYI – the 2012 Retro Run shirt is a similar color, but made by Asics.

Split Jacket

Other than shoes, I don’t geek out about anything more than sunglasses! My “visual aid” weapon of choice is the Oakley Split Jacket! They are comfortable and feature Oakley’s patented Switchlock technology that will allow me to change the lenses quickly with differing light conditions. YES, I have lenses for EVERY light condition, including no light, and if you’ll allow me to geek out for about a second, I have a new anti-fog lens! You know when you’re running or cycling, especially on humid days, and your glasses fog up? These won’t do that!

110 Shin SleevesGU Chomps Peach TeaNebo 250

Added accessories include 110% Compression Sleeves, GU Chomps, and the Nebo 250. We’ve just started carrying this 110% product (check’em out at and I’m adding it to my Top 5 inventions of our generation! If you’re curious about my to 5, here it is: 1. DVR 2. Hybrid golf club 3. iPhone 4. Yurbuds 5. 110% Compression Sleeves. They help combine the benefit of compression and ice and will definitely come in handy over a 200 mile relay!

That’s all I have for now! Wish us luck on our journey! If you are on Facebook or Twitter, keep an eye out! I plan to have frequent updates! 

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Al D. said...

Jeff, I don't know who your other reader is, but I sure do enjoy your blog. You failed to mention your watch. Nike? Garmin? Sundial? Also, what about a hat? Mesh? Visor? Saban straw hat? Good luck this weekend. I was thinking of doing The Dixie solo, but I don't want to put over 190 miles this week! Best of luck

Jeff said...

HA!!! Dixie solo is right up your alley!!

No hat, and you're right, I did forget the watch! Of course I'll be wearing my Nike Sportwatch!

Thanks for reading!

Yo Momma Runs said...

Good luck this weekend! These relays make me nervous with the massive size of the packing list. Doing my first one in the fall, and I'm guaranteed to forget something. Love those Karhus. Need to try out some of the lighter ones. Hope you let us know how they worked for the relay!

Jeff said...

Yo Momma Runs,
My suggestion, GET a PAIR of KARHU'S!! They worked perfectly!! Good luck in your relay!