Thursday, April 19, 2012

4 Weeks and Counting!

Dixie200 Relay is in 4 weeks!! Our fearless leader has assigned legs. I’ll be running 7, 4 and 3 mile legs. I haven’t written of my running situation in a while, so what perfect timing to talk about what I’ve been doing, and what my training plans are for this crazy relay! First and foremost, The Trak Shak has a team entered, and I think you should challenge us! Register for the Dixie200 Relay by clicking here! I, myself, have not participated in one of these endurance team relays, but have a few friends who have and most say it is one of their fondest running experiences! Nothing says good times like spending over 24 hours in a van with 4 to 5 other sweaty, half naked men!!

NOW, I can’t start writing about my training without first mentioning the infamous shin! A LOT of thought and focus has gone in to keeping the shin “healthy” (I use quotes ‘cuz I’m not sure it’ll ever be 100%). The first part of my plan started with a mix of little running and spinning. I started with 3 days of a tough spin class in the morning and no more than 2 days of running at most 4 miles. ALL of the running was on a soft surface either on Jemison or on the side of the road. Over a 20 week period, I increased the 45 minute spin classes to an hour and a half and the running increased to 4 to 6 miles at least 4 times a week. By the end of the 20 weeks, I was hitting the streets a little more to test the shin. ALL WAS GOOD!! I ended that training segment on December 19, the birth date of my second beautiful child!

After a couple of weeks of “rest”, it was time to get back at it! Time was limited, and I knew if I started back running on the road, I’d reinjure the leg. The first week back, 1 day of running, 3 miles, on a soft surface. The second week, 2 days, 3 miles, soft surface. That was in January, in which I ran about 45 miles for the month. With a little patience, I’m now at around 40 miles a week, with a long run of 10 miles! I know it ain’t 100 miles a week, but it’s consistent, AND, most importantly, my leg don’t hurt, unless you touch it or bump it, after which I would respond by either slapping or punching you!

This idea of a relay team popped up over a month ago, and I have to admit, it’s motivated me a little! As I mentioned in my last post, I’m trying to not be the weak link! This goal, while rather modest, is not going to be the easiest to reach! Of course, the majority of the team are ringers! I have no intention of being able to run as fast as them. I just want to try to stay as close to our average time as possible! How? Well, I’ve got a lot of miles in my legs from the past few years at that easy run pace. I’ve got to change that! So, over the next 4 weeks, I have to add some tempo runs and hill workouts for some speed and strength. My first hill workout was last week, and let me tell you, it SUCKED, but in a good way! That feeling of almost throwing up and having a stabbing head ache for most of the day brought back some fond memories of the good ole days!

Obviously, the miles have to increase a little too. The increase in weekly mileage will surely test the shin, among other unfit parts of my body, so I have to focus on the little things that most of us ignore! This means, the living room/training room is back! The foam roller, the Thera-Band, The Stick, and the ice packs are all easily accessible and in full use! You gotta do, what you gotta do!

Oh yeah, and since I’m running more, stay tuned for some reports on some new products I’m getting to test out!! I LOVE MY JOB!!


Al D. said...

Easy big boy! You've been dealing with this injury by keeping it in the crock pot. Don't all of a sudden throw it in the microwave! Glad things are going in the right direction. Don't put too much pressure on yourself at Dixie - it's essentially a Boy's night out with a little running thrown in. Great blog!

Jeff said...

Thanks for the advice Al!! You're right about the "boy's night out"! I plan to have some fun!