Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mercedes Marathon Expo a Preview, Installment #1

It's the most wonderful time of the year! LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA!! Yes, Mercedes-Benz Marathon Weekend is next week, and we at The Trak Shak are PUMPED! All of you returning customers and/or participants already know what to expect from The Trak Shak booth at the St. Vincent's Health Systems Health and Fitness Expo at Boutwell Auditorium on February 14 and 15, but I've decided to give everyone a few previews. The absolute, very first thing everyone should know is, Mercedes Weekend is The Trak Shak's apparel winter clearance! That means, ALL apparel is HALF PRICE!! It is a perfect time to replace that 10 year old CoolMax shirt!

 The second thing everyone needs to know, our gracious and hard working reps from most of our footwear brands make their way to the 'Ham and man stations within our booth to answer questions you may have about their brand, help you get fitted properly, and basically help us out cuz quite frankly, we need all the help we can get! AND to add to the excitement, the new year usually brings new styles in footwear, so these reps will be showcasing the latest and greatest from their respective brands! Oh, and all footwear will have a special discounted expo price!

I'll start the preview with the brand I wore on my run this morning, Brooks Running! Brooks Running catapulted themselves to #1 in running specialty retail a couple of years ago and in 2014, there's no reason to think they'll lose that spot. I'll start with the new. The shoe I ran in this morning is their latest creation, the Transcend. Brooks exhausted all biomechanical research and development to release this maximum "float" shoe. The Transcend has new technologies like Guide Rails for support, Super DNA for maximal, plush cushion, and Ideal Pressure Zones to help disperse pressures from impact more evenly. My take after 6 miles, tons of cushion, but not so soft you sink into the shoe or lose feeling the surface, very smooth heel to toe transition, very comfy upper, the color just feels good on my feet ;)) AND can take the beating of running downhill in Vestavia VERY WELL!

 Now, on to the updates! We will have the latest release of the PureProject Collection, Brooks "minimal" line of footwear, which includes the Pure Connect 3, Pure Flow 3, and Pure Cadence 3. Updates include, across the line, improved fit and comfort, a redesign of the Nav Band to improve functionality and comfort, and repositioned, more lateral, Toe Flex (split toe) for improved feel and alignment at toe off.

 The latest update in their core line is the Ravenna 5! Ravenna 1 thru 4 have been pretty big hits, and I expect the same from 5! Updates include a new full ground contact outsole which improves feel of the running surface, an extended, Segmented Crash Pad and an adjustable saddle wrap that helps to improve fit from heel to midfoot!

I've gone this far and have yet mentioned Brooks' most popular and The Trak Shak staple styles, the Adrenaline GTS 14, Ghost 6, Glycerin 11, BEAST and Ariel. The Adrenaline was updated in November and updates to the others are forthcoming.   

So, there you have it! The first installment of The Trak Shak booth preview! I hope you enjoyed!

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