Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review # 110...Percent that is!!

Everybody knows I haven't written the first review, much less the 110th! I thought I'd start the gadget and gear talk I promised with the singular item I believe has kept me running consistently over the past couple of years, and that is 110% Compression Gear, and more specifically the Double Life Shin Sleeves. I'll start with a little background.

I have had four "diagnosed" stress fractures in my right tibia. I say "diagnosed" because I'm pretty sure I've had more, but I just ran through the pain "back in the day"! The last stress fracture was at the Talladega Half Marathon a couple of years ago. There was also a period of time my calf would either cramp or strain on the first step of a run! My previous cures were rest, massage, and ice, and I have been telling people for YEARS to ice injuries after runs, but I'll be honest, I didn't really ice either. AND WHY? It's just not that convenient! Oh, and I don't own an ice bath.

So, we get a visit from 110% Compression Gear one day, and it was one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" moments! What is it? 110% is a collection of compression sleeves, socks and tights that combine the benefits of compression and ice. The Double Life Shin/Calf Sleeves, I mentioned earlier, are a double layered, graduated compression sleeve. The internal layer provides the recovery benefits of compression, while the second layer creates a pocket in which to slide an ice inserts to get the recovery and injury prevention benefits of ice. The whole thing is sold as a kit in which you get a pair of sleeves, 5 reusable ice inserts, and the packaging acts as a cooler which can keep the ice inserts frozen for up to 6 hours.

Why 110%? I'll start with the most important point to be made! Compression + Ice allows you to play harder! (That's plagiary at it's finest right there!) I found that the compression socks and sleeves help reduce those harmful vibrations and pressures that effect your lower legs at impact and aid in return blood flow, flushing that dreaded lactic acid out quicker, improving recovery. The ice helps reduce inflammation on a targeted area and is most effective if used directly after activity or when the targeted area is most inflamed. That is about as technical as I can get!

Now for the practical! Lose the ace bandages and Saran Wrap, leave the bag of peas in the freezer, and stop freezing Dixie cups! The convenient: I don't run from the house that often, so I can leave the ice inserts in the truck and use them right after a run. The neat freaks: NO MESS and your couch, floor, pants, or socks don't get soaking wet as the ice melts! I think that's all I have!! Stop by and let us measure you for a pair of shin, knee, or quad sleeves!

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