Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Time for a Little Change

I'll admit it! I'm pretty stubborn! When I first started writing this blog, I pretty much swore off writing any product reviews. While my intentions were innocent, basically wanting all of my followers/friends/customers to form their own opinion of a product, my reluctance left me with little content for the blog, considering all I talk about most days are running products and my training is fairly boring unless, of course, I get stalked by an owl! So, it's time for a little change! Let's face it! I don't know a whole hell of a lot about, well, a whole hell of a lot! What I DO know a little about is what I wear and use, running on a daily basis. I'm not going to get carried away though. While I want to inform and share a little about the latest gadget or footwear, the LAST thing I want this blog to be is a constant review.

I'll get started with my MO. As far as my mind is concerned, you can NOT have too many shoes! The shoe geek in me would fill the whole basement with them! I'm restrained by a. an effort to keep only the number of shoes I can actually use or train in and b. my wife and kids need some space to store things as well. HA! Since I'm not running 100 miles a week and I want to try as many as possible, I rarely put over 200 miles on a pair, so this year, I picked a style and decided to go for 400 to get a true feel of what we recommend as a maximum mileage to our customers. The "chosen one" for 400 this go 'round is the Asics GT 2000. The other shoes I'm rotating are the New Balance 880v2, Nike Flyknit Trainer, Pearl Izumi Road M3, Mizuno Wave Sayonara, and Nike Flyknit Racer (for those "feeling frisky" days). You'll notice right away, I don't stick with a particular brand or a specific category. While I should probably be wearing a support shoe all the time, I think its good to mix it up a little, and I'd go crazy if I only wore one brand or style!

Being a running specialty store worker/manager/part owner has it's perks! One of which, other than the obvious access to the latest footwear, is access to the latest gadgets, and I take advantage! For instance, I emptied my back pack the other day to make room to pack for a weekend trip. It's contents, 3 sets of Yurbuds, a Nike + Sensor, 4 watches and 2 pairs of compression socks, all of which I use. You will often see me on the road wearing two GPS watches, carrying my phone, in a belt or or armband of course, and sporting headphones attached to an iPod, all for the sake of research! This is my burden! (It was hard to write that last sentence without laughing a little!).

Just a few more things you need to know to get an idea of topics you may see in future . While I am picky about a few things, coffee - no flavored, beer - no twist cap bottles, food - no fruit, music - no country, I'm really not that picky about shoes. I'm pretty sure I have never said "I can't wear that color" OR "That shoe gave me shin splints, I can't wear it again"! While we're on the topic of "pickiness", I am SUPER picky about sunglasses! Since 1992, I have only worn Oakley and try to wear sunglasses every run, including clear lenses in the dark, if the mood strikes. I guess that's just my thing!

Well, I guess that's all for now! I look forward to writing more about the sport and products I love and hope you all enjoy! 

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