Thursday, December 23, 2010

If you’re like me……….

you need not only motivation to actually get out and shop, but HELP on what to buy!! So, here’s my very, VERY last minute guide to shopping for the runner in the family!!

1. For three years running now (pun intended), the Nike Plus Sportband has been the gift of the Christmas season!! What is it? Nike developed this sensor to put in or on your shoe (if you don’t wear Nikes) to work originally with iPod products to track pace, distance, time and calories burned. Well, if you’re not the Apple connoisseur, the Sportband functions like a watch receiving information for the Nike Plus sensor. It looks cool and is very simple to use!! This year, there are four different colors. It’s $59 and is the perfect “extra something” for the runner in the family!

2. The Stick!! Mine sits in my chair with me at home!! I use it A LOT! What is it? It’s a stick with handles and that you can use to massage out larger muscle groups, specifically quads, calves, and hamstrings for runners. Listen, runners, especially marathoners, need to get regularly scheduled massages. Since most of us can’t afford to get a massage from a professional every week, The Stick can help those times in between massages.

3. Shoes! OK, we normally don’t recommend buying shoes for someone not in the store, but if you absolutely want to get your runner shoes for Christmas, this is what you do. These new phones you see attached to everyone’s ears have cameras on them!! Take a picture of your runner’s shoe and take a look at the size on the inside. Bring the pic to your closest Trak Shak location. If you haven’t made the leap to a camera phone yet, take a look at the inside of the tongue and look for a series of numbers that make no sense to you. That’s probably the style number. We’ll be able to tell you what style it is, and you’ll have something to wrap and put under the tree!

4. Stocking stuffers! Socks, BodyGlide, and GU are items a runner cannot ever have enough of!!

5. A Trak Shak Gift Card! Actually, I misspoke earlier! For 15 years running, a Trak Shak Gift Card has been the most popular gift item! I know it’s not exactly the big gift to wrap and put under the tree, but your runner will love it!! Sometimes there are gadgets in the store, i.e. a Timex Global Trainer or a new pair of Oakley sunglasses, your runner would be afraid to ask you to purchase! They need to rack up on Gift Card so they can come in after Christmas and get their latest gadget!!

So there you have it! If you’re like me……you still have some shopping left! I hope this will make it easier for you!! Merry Christmas!!!

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