Sunday, November 14, 2010

WHAT!? You’ll have to talk a little louder!

The first 2 weeks of my Mercedes Half training has gone well! I met my goal of running every other day on an average of 35 to 45 minutes and did my first hill workout! My only set back has been the ability to recover from the hill workout as quickly as I’d like, but we can talk about that later. Today, I ran from the house in a light mist, which just so happens to be my favorite weather condition! If you live in Vestavia, you can feel my pain! There is no flat, get into a rhythm! It’s either UP or DOWN! Regardless, it was a good run. The point I’m trying to get to, I was listening to music on the run, and it gives me the opportunity to not only talk about wearing headphones while you run, but also introduce the latest segment of my blog, The Song of the Run!

Obviously, the ability to listen to music while you run has come a LONG WAY! When I first started, there was no way in Hades you’d see me bopping down the street with those “ear muffs with an antenna”! Even with the introduction of the “state of the art” Walkman, I couldn’t pull it off! In fact, I never listened to music while exercising until I started riding a bike about 8 years ago, and riding wasn’t even the reason! Oakley introduced the Thumps, a MP3 player built into sunglasses, and I had to try them out! Since then, if I’m running by myself, I’m listening to music. Also, as part of my job description (the Geek), I have to test out all the new gadgets like Nike Plus, Adidas MiCoach, and Yurbuds!

Here’s the inside “running retailer” scoop on listening to music while you run. There are those who need to get on the road, clear their thoughts, and enjoy the silence. Then, there are those who need the motivation of their “Power Song” or like to use the time while they run to hear new music downloaded the night before. Whatever the preference, you’re running! That being said, here is the negative! Have you ever laced up, put your ear buds in, cranked up your favorite tune, hit the road, and suddenly felt the presence of a 120 pound Labrador on your heels? I have, and it almost gave me what Red Foxx would have called “The Big One!” You can’t hear anything other than the music! I have two concerns. First, you’ve got to keep the volume down! I’ve never experienced this, but I’ve heard, cars hurt! We all have our challenges with motor vehicles while road running. Let’s not add “being unaware” to the mix! Second, and this one come’s with a request, volunteer to work the next finish line at your local race! The finish chute instructions are pretty simple, when the participants can hear. Stay in order, tear off the tag at the bottom of your bib number and hand it to the guy at the end of the chute. Even in chip timed races! The folks at the end of the chute will cut off your chip and pick up your finisher’s medal and t-shirt. It adds a whole different dynamic when one cannot hear! Thus, one of the main reasons, other than personal safety, you see the headphone bans in most races these days! I guess what I’m trying to say is be considerate, and be careful!

All in all, I love music!! I will not be seen without wearing headphones while mowing the lawn and doing yard work! I would describe my music tastes as different and critical! I’m not afraid to tell you what bands or types of music I dislike! So, you may not like or have even heard most of the “Songs of the Run” I mention. I don’t really have a criteria for Song of the Run. It’s just going to be whatever! Today I chose “The Velvet Glove” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers! The term describes someone who appears to be gentle, but is determined and inflexible underneath. Whatever the meaning, I just love the song!

Be safe!

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